[closed] Import Viewranger VRC Map Files?

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[closed] Import Viewranger VRC Map Files?

Post by RambleJoy » Wed Mar 16, 2022 9:31 am

Is it (or will it) be possible to somehow use Viewranger VRC/VRH/VRM offline map files with Alpine Quest? Could they be imported?

I have various purchased UK Ordnance Survey maps in this format, and it seems to be extremely difficult (if not impossible in a future-proof way) to get up to date OS maps in Alpine Quest otherwise.

I do have a Bing Maps API key, but as yet can't quite figure out the parameters needed to create my own AQX file to at least be able to cache OS Landranger 1:50000 and OS Explorer 1:25000 tiles from Bing. Clearly, that source was removed from the community maps for copyright reasons, but it would seem to be perfectly legal for me to add it to my own personal installation once I've figured out how. So that would be something; but it would be great to be able to import the maps I already have.

For a UK walker, the Ordnance Survey obstacle is a huge one, but Alpine Quest seems a fantastic solution and tool for the outdoors apart from that one problem. No chance of a licensing deal being struck with the OS, I take it?

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Re: Import Viewranger VRC Map Files?

Post by Psyberia-Support » Fri Mar 18, 2022 8:19 am

No I'm sorry those formats seem to be uniquely used by this app and proprietary, so they won't be added.
Concerning the OS maps, you can find some in MemoryMap older format (QCT), that can be read by the app.
I hope that the OSGB will make more simple for developers to use their maps in the future, as we can see in more and more countries...
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