Announcing AlpineQuest 2.2.9

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Announcing AlpineQuest 2.2.9

Post by Psyberia-Support » Wed Sep 08, 2021 7:51 am

AlpineQuest 2.2.9 is available.

List of changes:
  • Added import support of GeoTIFF (.tif, .tiff) file based maps;
  • Added a new “Dashmode” track recorder option, that allows to start and stop the recording along with the application;
  • Improved location search dialog and add various search mode in the custom menu items list;
  • Improved tracks details: pictures are now displayed in the “Events” section;
  • Improved location formats management: added ability to import WKT/PROJ text definitions and to remove imported formats;
  • Area units are now separated from distance units in the settings;
  • Included all Russian МСК coordinate systems in the built-in location formats;
  • Various improvements (#14658, #14666, #14741) and bug fixes (#14664).
  • The track recorder also record the cell network strength (compatible devices only) and the battery level, which can be displayed in the profile view;
  • Added audio waypoints allowing to record an audio track associated to a waypoint and play it from the map;
  • Added global distance, time, elevation gain and area for displayed track, route and area lists in the placemark explorer;
  • New Explorer mode fields: cell network strength, battery level, and GNSS constellations in use;
  • New dynamic coloring of tracks based on the cell network strength;
  • Various improvements (#11677, #11822, #14934) and bug fixes (#11721, #12440, #14720, #12485).
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