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Truncated Journey after stopping recording

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Mark L

Truncated Journey after stopping recording

Post by Mark L »

Can anyone explain why the total distance travelled on the recorded track is less than the total at the end of a walk before stopping the tracker. Typically the truncation is approx. 0.5ml. This has only recently occurred.
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Re: Truncated Journey after stopping recording

Post by Psyberia-Support »

It can happen if you stayed some time at the same location. In this case, the GPS will likely record zig-zag locations around your real location, even if you do not move. This will artificially increase the path length.
When you stop the track recorder, the app will now try to detect this, and remove those locations. A circle will be drawn at the place of those locations, when you zoom a lot. Usually it will be visible around a break event (where the app tells you how many time you stayed at the same location).
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