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GPS Relocking to Current Position

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Re: GPS Relocking to Current Position

Post by photoleif »

Thanks for going through this with me. This happens when I start the camera app (the standard Samsung camera app) using its own icon. I have not used AQ to create picture waypoints.

In this scenario (using AQ and switching to take pictures then switching back to AQ), when I notice that AQ has stopped making visible updates to the track, I leave the app using the home button (which I also do to start the camera app) and access AQ by clicking its icon again without using the app menu to slide the app up to exit it. So some of the restarts you are noting may be my fault, but I wonder why these registered as restarts. What confuses me too, is that even when AQ is not making live (visible) updates to the track, it seems to be still updating the track in the background, because if I force-quit and restart AQ, the track is still active and has been updated with recent points that are appropriately complex for a meandering trail (versus a straight line from a last-known position to my current position). process (writing position and points to the track) seems to be working, and another (displaying updates) is not. When this happens, the app still responds to other activity, such as changing the visible map or other menu options. It just seems that the track display fails.

If this would help, is there an error log I can send you?
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Re: GPS Relocking to Current Position

Post by Psyberia-Support »

Sorry for the delay.
Concerning the track recording in the background, it's because it's done by an independent sub-process, not the main application. This way you can completely close the main app while recording, and save battery and memory.
So it seems that the problem only concerns the main app... The recording process seems fine.
It looks like something happens when the app is sent in the back (various things occur then, like saving all settings), like a "freeze" or something, but it's difficult to know exactly.
If you see the error message again, yes you can go in the main menu -> More -> Report errors to send your log files, it may be useful.
Sorry again for the troubles!
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