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Transfer tracks of View Ranger

It's all about maps...
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Nirav bhatt
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Transfer tracks of View Ranger

Post by Nirav bhatt »

I am new to this. I was using view ranger but since it stopped, I have been searching for alternate app.

Found this with good reviews by view ranger users.

I am not able to open view ranger maps in this app.

Please advise.

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Re: Transfer tracks of View Ranger

Post by Psyberia-Support »

Hi Nirav,
I know you can export your tracks and points in the GPX format from View Ranger, and import them in AlpineQuest.
Concerning the maps, if View Rangers does use one of the map formats that AlpineQuest supports, you'll be able to re-use them: ... pplication
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Re: Transfer tracks of View Ranger

Post by geofactotem »

I am also an ex Viewranger user, also being extremely fortunate to find a reference to AQ elsewhere, (I expect you can guess where). With one notable exception, the ability to have full screen viewing on a PC, it is much the same as VR but does some things better and has many extra features. Obviously there is a bit of a learning curve, and I wasn't expecting to find anything better than VR but AQ has proved me wrong many times over. If you have not done so already sign up for the Pro version, you will not be disappointed. VR tracks and routes can be imported.

Regarding maps, if you are referring to OSGB mapping tiles or regions they cannot be read into AQ and anyway you would probably breaking the terms of the licence. However they could be available here sometime but you would have to pay again I expect. Otherwise the OSM mapping here is reasonably good. Your legacy VR mapping can be loaded into OA (wash my mouth out). I don't look now but the maps could only been seen online, they could not be downloaded and even I they could I would not be tempted to move.

Hope that helps, Enjoy AQ.
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