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UK Canal Map

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UK Canal Map

Post by RambleJoy »

Anybody interested in using AQ to navigate the inland waterways of the UK by canal narrowboat, or using the towpaths for walking, may like to know that in Google My Maps you can generate a KMZ overlay of Tom Sapey's excellent Open Canal Map.

You just click on the three vertical dots in the red title bar at the top of the legend sidebar and choose "Download KML" from the menu.

Tom's map/app pulls together and cleans up Open Data from the Canal and River Trust, and pairs it with additional user-contributed tips and information.

There's a lot of detail, so it's best to turn labels off in AQ for usability.

It works particularly nicely in explorer mode with a suitable basemap.
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Re: UK Canal Map

Post by Psyberia-Support »

Once again, thank you for sharing all this information!
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