[done] Confirmation before closing track or app?

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[done] Confirmation before closing track or app?

Post by ukuest » Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:28 am

First of all, congratulations for versions 1.0.6/7.
AlpineQuest is getting better and better and I am using it a lot.

I have just spent a weekend hiking with AlpineQuest and it really performed well in the real world.

Except for two things that spoilt the fun a bit:

1. the zero-distance-bug (see my post in the relevent thread in the Bugs section).

2. I find it much too easy to accidentally close a track recording, or even the whole application.

For instance, when the GPS tab is closed accidentally, GPS stops even while a track is being recorded. That should not happen I feel. Especially as it is so easy to tap on the wrong place, at the tip rather than at the middle of the tab (when switching off the geolocation map lock). Track recording should continue even if the GPS tab is closed. Otherwise it would not be possible to view the map on the full screen while tracking, because I would always need to keep the GPS track open!

Also it is too easy to accidentally close the whole application, because on my phone (Galaxy S) the Back button and the zoom+ button are fairly close together. I would really like a confirmation dialogue before the application is closed.

In general, I feel it should not be possible at all to stop track recording accidentally under any circumstance, _except_ when I really expressedly stop it by tapping the door/exit icon on the tab.

Looking forward to future improvements, keep up the good work.