[done] Zoom and maps

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[done] Zoom and maps

Post by Psyberia-System » Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:27 pm


I already mentionned that it would be great to be able to "de-zoom" when you have a map really detailed (for instance 1:16000): it's really hard to find your target in the map!
Since it must really hard to compute from a really detailed map a "de-zoomed" map while preserving important datas (town's name, summit's name, ...): here could be an alternative.

Imagine a user that has the a map for the whole France, and also a map for Chartreuse's park. He selects the map "France" and move quickly to the area of interest and then start zooming. As soon as the zoom reaches a point where the whole screen shows data which are completely included in the Chartreuse's park's map, then the program switches map auto-magically. I don't know if it's easily done with your current design but it would be really great! Do you think it would consume too much memory? Since you don't have to open a map to compute if the data on the screen fit in it or not, it should be ok, isn't it (I mean: you always have only one map opened at a time)?
Of course you could imagine that the program shows a pop-up which proposes you to switch, records the setting ("auto accept switching" for instance), ...

Good luck! ;)
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Re: Zoom and maps

Post by Psyberia-Support » Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:32 pm

Yes, it's not always so easy to navigate from points to points when you have a detailled map. On the contrary of online maps (google maps for instance), where there are different maps at each zoom level, you can switch levels easily. In AlpineQuest, there is no "standard" map for each level, so you can only zoom in the current map. It's like if AlpineQuest doesn't know anything about other maps.

Your idea is great, but how to deal if the user has more than one detailled map? Which one to choose? Maybe we need a popup menu to ask him to choose between all available detailled maps?

Moreover the current zoom feature is very fast right now, but if you need to switch to another map, the user will need to wait until the loading of the new map (AlpineQuest needs to load a map index in memory, that's why you need to wait when you select a map).

Some points need to be cleared up, but I'll try to do something.
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Re: Zoom and maps

Post by Psyberia-System » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:10 pm

Another way of improving map selection and make navigating throughout maps a bit faster would be to be able to select a map just by double tapping on it. For exemple, you launch the map "World", start zooming on your point of interest, and then just launch a more detailed map by double-tapping the map you want...

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